The Psychology of Feng Shui Business Card

Published: 10th March 2009
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Before I get started with this article, allow me to present myself. My name is Yick Tan, I'm a certified Business Card Feng Shui adviser. At my Feng Shui Company, I have assisted a lot of companies to rein in the vitality of Feng Shui. Prior to my customers consulting me, a lot of of them will have looked up different Feng Shui advisors but the interview doesn't generate any delectable answers. A few of them have even gone insolvent after a few years in business. So, where does it all fail? When I visit their business offices and manufacturing plants frequently this suggests that there's nothing amiss with the Feng Shui. Nevertheless, when I study their business cards, I discover the resolution. Their business cards are not Feng Shui directed.

The Feng Shui element in the Business Card

Let's realise how we go about doing our business. The 1st affair we deal with when we encounter people in their business surroundings is to acquaint ourselves then swap business cards. Don't you agree? Hence, the 1st opinion of your candidates on your business is by way of the business card.

What will materialise if the business card is not correctly designed and it doesn't entrust a positive opinion? What if your business card sends out the incorrect message and drives other people to see you as a real estate broker but as a matter of fact you're a real estate developer? This represents miscommunication and can be one of the greatest perpetrators for the loss of a lot of business chances for you. More high-risk is that your candidates just take your business card home and completely forget who you are, and toss your business card in the bin. I am positive you've had the experience of tossing other business cards in the bin since of the same reason.

I am likewise certain a few business cards afford you a very good opinion and a few; you just do not want to deal with as you do not sense any good about them. When your candidates feel bad about your business cards that is the destruction of any kind of deal. Your elegant offices do not stand any chance whatsoever in tempting your candidates as they will not go there.
If you are interested Feng Shui or in obtaining a Feng Shui Business Card i am always available to help you.

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